No matter who you are, Success is in your hands. You can determine how successful you want to be.

I spoke recently to a group of students about success and shared these principles with them. I do not always talk about success or money, but the teaching is always about life.

Your life is determined by the investment you make in it.

My first book to be released in America is Me and Money.

The title is catchy but invariably I was questioned about the origin. Addressing the Me, is important first before anything in life, as that is the one who determines your feelings and relationship with money.

The Me must come before the Money. How will you think about money? How will you treat it, and how will you grow it?

I’m a business owner of several companies globally, but not everyone has to be.

I teach people to focus on serving others, and becoming better in who they are. When we do that, we can change the world. Join me on this journey.



Said Davlatov is a global author and entrepreneur with a mission to help others succeed.

His books have sold millions of copies across the world, and his groundbreaking book, Me and Money, helps people think differently about their relationship with wealth. Said is also the author of multiple global bestsellers in Europe and Asia. He is dedicated to changing lives through Worldpreneur, a mission and site devoted to offer personal development tools and resources to individuals and organizations.