Your success is a result of something.

It can be measured in money, but money should not be the sole reason you pursue success.

Everything has a cost. You determine how you spend your time.

How do you choose how to spend your time? Do you have a daily schedule, and a plan of tasks to check off your list? Here are three steps to maximizing your results.

#1. Don’t manage your time; manage yourself and your actions.

You must prioritize your actions to make the most impact, and return the most results.

#2. Identify the most important activities and make sure these always come first.

Important activities accelerate results. Focus your time and efforts here!

Next are everyday responsibilities. These activities are part of your daily routine. Delegate these tasks to leverage your time.

#3. Eliminate unimportant tasks.

Unimportant tasks are tasks that are unnecessary and return no results. Remove these from your schedule.

By focusing my efforts on tasks that have the greatest return, I was able to achieve 90% my life plan in only 10 years. Now, I have a new life plan with new goals.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in activity. Successful people manage their time well.

You can do it too!

By preparing and creating a plan, you can reach your dreams faster.