A lot of people talk about luck to be successful in business. I believe in luck; however, luck depends on what you are thinking about when you don’t have to work. Luck depends on whether you work a lot or a little. To be successful, the result of your effort depends on what you think about in your leisure time.

What does that mean? Simply, luck in business is the image of success that you have in your head.


A Personal Example of Luck

I really wanted to meet with one of my business partners, so I called and invited her to attend the 10-year anniversary celebration of WorldSAMO. She was not able to attend.

When I was on a business trip, I called and talked to her over WhatsApp to congratulate her for New Year’s. She mentioned that she was in the same city, so I asked if we could meet. She said she was busy, but could meet the following day. I was curious and asked where she was at that moment, and surprisingly enough to both of us, we were at the same location at the same seminar.

This is an example of luck. We did not plan to meet; life planned our meeting for us. There are many examples of this in life, especially when you have a positive outlook and think about successful images. Offers, deals, opportunities, and other seemingly serendipities start coming up to you when you have the right mindset.

For example, I had started brainstorming a new corporate course for WorldSAMO, but hadn’t had time to finish it. It was maybe 20% ready in my head at the point I received an order from a company to do this course. I told them to allow me two days to analyze the company to prepare specific training recommendations. In the end, this specific course became the top seller for WorldSAMO in 2017.

Your emotional and inner state should be harmonious at the highest levels. You should be very enthusiastic and positive about everything you do. If you think about something, you should go and do it. If you are reading about something, go and implement it in your life. If you receive advice from a wise man, go and use it in your life. If you plan it, do it.


Unlucky Does Not Exist


A lot of people have the problem of thinking they are unlucky. Their inner state is low. They likely are depressed. They likely worry about things. They likely have fears. They can’t understand that the solution is inside them. The answer is to learn to manage yourself.

There is a 99% chance you will encounter obstacles at some point. There is a 99% chance you will lose confidence in yourself at some point. And, all of those things create doubt and fears. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people don’t look at these things as failures.



Entrepreneur Achievers

Create Your Own Luck

To be lucky in business, you need to have a plan and constantly develop yourself. By pursuing personal growth and self-improvement, you will increase your knowledge and subsequently, your energy. Your energy is the most important thing. You need energy to accomplish your plan.



Start with something you already know or have access to. Do not wait for big opportunities. Do not wait for something to improve. Do not wait for a better day. Just start–take action from where you are now.

Be authentic. Don’t imitate or try to act like someone else. In most cases, you cannot exactly copy the success story of someone else. Take advantage of who you are, where you are, and start moving forward.


Study and learn the success stories of more successful people. But don’t lose your unique perspective and individuality. When you learn from others, you can avoid certain mistakes while creating your own strategy.

If someone comes to me and says I want to be successful in business, I tell him to focus on self-improvement. Start developing himself and increasing his level of energy first. Exercise. Study. Learn. Plan. Create a goal and act on it. Always be discovering, searching. Do not stop at what you have already achieved.


Hard Work is the Key

15 years ago, I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In this book, I learned that the more one works, the more successful one will become. In my experience, I have found this to be true.

I also studied the life of Bruce Lee who says the main secret of his success is hard work. Use your brain, and overcome your self-imposed limitations. self-imposed of world champions are successful because of their hard work.

To be lucky in life and in business, you must plan and take action, from a positive inner state. You must be self-confident. You must act.

Achieve little successes and your self-confidence will grow. Write down 3-5 successes every day. And, watch how these successes will grow and grow as you reach your goal. You will become confident and happy when you achieve your goal.

You can be successful in business and achieve anything in business if you plan and take action.


What other tips do you have to be successful in business?