5 Secrets to Self-Improvement Success

One thing which is common in almost all of us is that we all want to become better than what we are. No matter how different we are, no matter what our capabilities are all of us want to be better than we were. Why? Because disappointments are a part of life. There isn't a person who hasn’t faced disappointment or failure.

How to be Successful in Business

A lot of people talk about luck to be successful in business. I believe in luck; however, luck depends on what you are thinking about when you don’t have to work. Luck depends on whether you work a lot or a little. To be successful, the result of your effort depends on what you think about in your leisure time. What does

How to Plan for the Year

Planning is the basis for success. Any success first starts with planning. This is how I became successful. Imagine yourself at the end of the year. What do you want for yourself and your life this year? What do you want to own? How much money do you want to make? What do you want to experience? Who do you want to

Which type of Network Marketer are you?

After attending a network marketing event with WorldVentures Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent, Said met with a small group of network marketing professionals and asked them, "Which type of network marketer are you?" "In my experience," Said explained, "there are three types of network marketers." Consumer: The consumer uses the product faithfully. The consumer may refer friends or family, but does

How to Become a Successful Leader

TWU College of Business invited Dr. Said Davlatov to share his wisdom on leadership and entrepreneurship at How to Become a Successful Leader with students at Texas Woman's University. To be a leader and achieve success, Said inspired students to: Invest in Yourself and Your Knowledge:  The best investment is an investment in yourself! The more you learn and apply in your

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Have you ever wondered: How do you get out of the poverty mindset and become wealthy? How do you overcome the fear of failure and have the confidence to take the first step to build a business? How easy is it for someone in their 40s or 50s who has struggled or has not been successful to change their mindset? Recently, Chuck

3 Simple Steps to Manage Yourself and Maximize Your Results

Your success is a result of something. It can be measured in money, but money should not be the sole reason you pursue success. Everything has a cost. You determine how you spend your time. How do you choose how to spend your time? Do you have a daily schedule, and a plan of tasks to check off your list? Here are three

Who is your mentor?

Who is your mentor? More importantly, who do you mentor yourself? The infinite world is about giving back. Mentoring others is how we can truly pour what we have learned back into the world, creating an infinite number of possibilities for impacting and changing lives. At Worldpreneur, we are focused on helping you mentor others. A good mentor will help you do

Me and Money Book

One of the things we are most excited about is the release of our latest book in America. Worldpreneur is honored to announce the launch of Me and Money: The Psychology of Wealth, here in the US! Millions of copies of this book have already changed people's relationship with money all around the world. Pre-ordering has already begun, and the response has


Giving is a reward. An infinite world is about helping others, lifting them up. Many people cannot understand how to do that. Recently, we joined our friends at OnFire Leadership Company to serve at a children's home in Texas. Serving and giving back is something that changes your mindset, changes your life, not just the life you are serving. Throughout the day,

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