Every person that I have met on my path of life is my mentor because they have shared a part of their experience with me. Some believe that their mentors are luminaries or famous people.

My primary mentors are my students.

That’s because the art of teaching is a two-way process. I express my deep gratitude to all the participants of my training that contributed to the creation of it. Many of my students have used this knowledge adequately and have achieved success and prosperity! But, what about the ones who haven’t?

As you travel through life, you’ll discover that at times you’re the mentor, and at other times the mentee.

Be what you are supposed to be at any given time. Teach, and learn. Be open and abundant in it all. Be ready to receive it all. There are times when you’ll step into the leadership role of the mentor and there are other moments when you step into the leadership role of the mentee, you see, because leaders are committed to lifelong learning. Learn, teach, and grow. Be open to the idea of mentors.

Sincerely, S. Davlatov