After attending a network marketing event with WorldVentures Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent, Said met with a small group of network marketing professionals and asked them, “Which type of network marketer are you?”

“In my experience,” Said explained, “there are three types of network marketers.”

  1. Consumer: The consumer uses the product faithfully. The consumer may refer friends or family, but does not have a goal for building the business.
  2. Salesman: The salesman sells the product to everyone. The salesman is excited and tells everyone about the product, at times overselling it. The salesman will attempt to build the business, but will be inconsistent and may experience ups and downs in the team-building process.
  3. Leader: The leader is the most important type of network marketer. The leader knows that to build a strong, stable foundation, leaders are imperative. The leader looks for other people who exhibit leadership qualities, are dedicated to continually improving themselves, and work with the team.

Which type of network marketer are you? Take a look at your success thus far. If you do not have a goal with a solid plan that has consistently grown your business through leaders, you may be time to reevaluate yourself.

Become a leader, then recruit leaders to build your business together.

“The only way you lose in network marketing,” Said said, “is by quitting.”

Said has trained world-class network marketers for over 15 years. The results? 50 international network marketing companies have doubled, and even TRIPLED, their income after his training.

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  • Set smart goals and steps to take action to achieve your goals
  • Create duplication in your team
  • Think like a professional networker with a business mindset
  • Foster a strong team spirit to build leaders.

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