Personal Growth AlexBW
Dr. Alex Pomelnikov
Global Financial Success Strategist | Author, Trainer, Entrepreneur

Alex Pomelnikov is an entrepreneur in the finance and economics industry. A visiting lecturer at the School of Management at Texas Women’s University and SMC University as well as International Trainer, Speaker, and Coach, Alex has delivered talks to organizations and universities across the globe. His vast background in finance with private equity firms includes hedge fund management, venture capital consulting and the identification, evaluation, negotiation and facilitation of international investments.

Alex is a seasoned strategist who has led negotiations with investors, investment bankers and asset managers, assisting partners in various aspects of strategic planning, partnerships, and due diligence. He is an active investor who has evaluated hundreds of projects ranging from $1 million to $500 million, resulting in over $60 million in successful investments. In addition, he owns four international businesses.

Alex actively pursues his lifelong love of learning through reading, traveling the world, and healthy living.

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Sybil Copeland
Global Success Strategist | Author, Trainer, Entrepreneur

Sybil Copeland is an energetic entrepreneur focused on enhancing lives. As a business operations and project director, she is dedicated to achieving results by inspiring employees and partners to reach their greatest potential.

Utilizing her Master of Business Administration along with her extensive background in people leadership, training and educational development and project management, she successfully identifies the ideal method for encouraging an individual’s continued advancement through personal and professional growth based on his/her goals and aspirations.

Sybil is an active investor and entrepreneur who owns two businesses. She is a humanitarian at heart interested in combining financial, interpersonal communication and spiritual education with real estate development and improvement efforts to positively impact the lives of others while creating a more sustainable environment.

Sybil has a passion for adventure and traveling the globe, as well as self-discovery through spirituality, meditation, and energy balancing techniques.

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Self Development Said professional
Dr. Said Davlatov
Author, Trainer, Entrepreneur

Said Davlatov is a global author and entrepreneur with a mission to help others succeed.  His books have sold millions of copies across the world, and his groundbreaking book, Me and Money: The Psychology of Wealth, helps people think differently about their relationship with wealth. Said is also the author of the global bestselling series, The Philosophy of the Ant.

Despite his busy schedule as husband, father, entrepreneur and business coach/mentor, Said continues his own self-improvement journey by investing in education and mentorships with top business and personal development coaches.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, composing and singing.

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Personal Growth shaharakram
Sahar Akram
Digital Design & Marketing Manager

Sahar Akram is an expert in digital marketing strategy and integration of digital media platforms designed to engage audiences and monetize businesses.  He strategically analyzes user needs to build websites and mobile applications for the global marketplace.  Sahar is the CEO of MediaAlter and Lead Designer at BusinessBid located in Dubai, UAE.