How to be Successful in Business

A lot of people talk about luck to be successful in business. I believe in luck; however, luck depends on what you are thinking about when you don’t have to work. Luck depends on whether you work a lot or a little. To be successful, the result of your effort depends on what you think about in your leisure time.

What does that mean? Simply, luck in business is the image of success that you have in your head.


A Personal Example of Luck

I really wanted to meet with one of my business partners, so I called and invited her to attend the 10-year anniversary celebration of WorldSAMO. She was not able to attend.

When I was on a business trip, I called and talked to her over WhatsApp to congratulate her for New Year’s. She mentioned that she was in the same city, so I asked if we could meet. She said she was busy, but could meet the following day. I was curious and asked where she was at that moment, and surprisingly enough to both of us, we were at the same location at the same seminar.

This is an example of luck. We did not plan to meet; life planned our meeting for us. There are many examples of this in life, especially when you have a positive outlook and think about successful images. Offers, deals, opportunities, and other seemingly serendipities start coming up to you when you have the right mindset.

For example, I had started brainstorming a new corporate course for WorldSAMO, but hadn’t had time to finish it. It was maybe 20% ready in my head at the point I received an order from a company to do this course. I told them to allow me two days to analyze the company to prepare specific training recommendations. In the end, this specific course became the top seller for WorldSAMO in 2017.

Your emotional and inner state should be harmonious at the highest levels. You should be very enthusiastic and positive about everything you do. If you think about something, you should go and do it. If you are reading about something, go and implement it in your life. If you receive advice from a wise man, go and use it in your life. If you plan it, do it.


Unlucky Does Not Exist


A lot of people have the problem of thinking they are unlucky. Their inner state is low. They likely are depressed. They likely worry about things. They likely have fears. They can’t understand that the solution is inside them. The answer is to learn to manage yourself.

There is a 99% chance you will encounter obstacles at some point. There is a 99% chance you will lose confidence in yourself at some point. And, all of those things create doubt and fears. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people don’t look at these things as failures.



Entrepreneur Achievers

Create Your Own Luck

To be lucky in business, you need to have a plan and constantly develop yourself. By pursuing personal growth and self-improvement, you will increase your knowledge and subsequently, your energy. Your energy is the most important thing. You need energy to accomplish your plan.



Start with something you already know or have access to. Do not wait for big opportunities. Do not wait for something to improve. Do not wait for a better day. Just start–take action from where you are now.

Be authentic. Don’t imitate or try to act like someone else. In most cases, you cannot exactly copy the success story of someone else. Take advantage of who you are, where you are, and start moving forward.


Study and learn the success stories of more successful people. But don’t lose your unique perspective and individuality. When you learn from others, you can avoid certain mistakes while creating your own strategy.

If someone comes to me and says I want to be successful in business, I tell him to focus on self-improvement. Start developing himself and increasing his level of energy first. Exercise. Study. Learn. Plan. Create a goal and act on it. Always be discovering, searching. Do not stop at what you have already achieved.


Hard Work is the Key

15 years ago, I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In this book, I learned that the more one works, the more successful one will become. In my experience, I have found this to be true.

I also studied the life of Bruce Lee who says the main secret of his success is hard work. Use your brain, and overcome your self-imposed limitations. self-imposed of world champions are successful because of their hard work.

To be lucky in life and in business, you must plan and take action, from a positive inner state. You must be self-confident. You must act.

Achieve little successes and your self-confidence will grow. Write down 3-5 successes every day. And, watch how these successes will grow and grow as you reach your goal. You will become confident and happy when you achieve your goal.

You can be successful in business and achieve anything in business if you plan and take action.


What other tips do you have to be successful in business?

Books for Entrepreneurs: Use Motivational Books to Improve Your Knowledge and Support Your Business

Books have always been the first and foremost source of knowledge and as such, hold an essential role in both a person’s academic and professional growth. Motivational books do not only provide insight and guidance, they also improve one’s outlook towards life. They inspire understanding to help us approach all situations, no matter the ease or difficulty, in a positive way.

Our book choices are truly unlimited. Each person has a unique of choosing a book. Readers enjoy a variety of genres, but will always lean toward certain types and categories as their favorites. Understanding this process can give us insight into a person’s personality and the type of motivational books he finds inspiring when seeking personal growth and self development.


Entrepreneurs and Books

For an entrepreneur, knowledge and continued learning is critical for creating success in business. Books written by, or related to, entrepreneurs can give us insight into the challenges on the journey to success. Who is better suited to advise and guide an entrepreneur on building or improving a business than a successful business leader and entrepreneur?

However, it should be noted that not all business books are truly motivational books. Business owners and entrepreneurs who are starting or building a business need specific guidance. They need inspiration and encouragement to overcome difficulties to keep moving in the direction of their dreams.


Motivational Books for Entrepreneurs

Business-minded individuals and entrepreneurs are more inclined to read motivational books, rich in business strategies that provide specific guidance in making better business decisions to build a strong and profitable company. The availability and choice in motivational books are important. The best choice is a book that is written by an actual entrepreneur who has experienced the struggles and successes, and who knows how to properly convey that within the written material.

True motivational books are your guide to keep you focused on your business goals. Motivational books are the key to improving your determination, inspiration, and personal growth and self development to follow your dreams.


Books as a Guide

To improve all areas of your life, you need a source of constant support and inspiration. Motivational books will keep you encouraged to achieve your goals for the overall advancement of your life.

Motivational books can guide you, challenge you to grow both personally and professionally. Biographies and autobiographies about successful entrepreneurs and business leaders can provide the tools and insight you need about the challenges, hardships, and obstacles you need to overcome to achieve success. They provide guidance about real-world problems that the author faced and overcame on their journey.

Me and Money: The Psychology of WealthLook for motivational books by successful business leaders and entrepreneurs such as Me and Money: The Psychology of Wealth by Worldpreneur™ Global Author and Entrepreneur Said Davlatov that motivate you, inspire you, encourage you to keep moving toward your dreams. Read, study, and follow the guidance outlined in these motivational books. Create a plan and take steps to build the successful, prosperous business of your dreams.

How to Plan for 2018

Planning is the basis for success. Any success first starts with planning.

This is how I became successful.

Imagine yourself at the end of 2018. What do you want for yourself and your life in 2018?

  • What do you want to own?
  • How much money do you want to make?
  • What do you want to experience?
  • Who do you want to be?


Consider planning the following areas of your life.

  1. Income
  2. Skills and Abilities
  3. Health
  4. Achievements
  5. Family
  6. Spirituality
  7. Assets

For each of these areas of your life, write down 10-20 goals for 2018.

These goals should have a long-term impact on your life. These dreams are strategically important for your success in 2018 and in years to come.

Plan at least 10-20 strategically important tasks for the year. Throughout the year, create mini-goals that are flexible and can be adjusted to reach your 2018 goals.


Your income directly impacts all other parts of your life. By the end of 2018, you should have the income you want.

What is your income goal for the year? Be specific about percentage increase or dollar amount, but don’t be derailed by thinking how you will achieve it just yet.

Review 2017 income and plan how much you want to earn by the end of 2018.


Your knowledge is your greatest asset. By continuously improving your skills and abilities, you are able to grow not only yourself but everyone and everything that surrounds you.

What do you want to learn? In what way do you want to grow your knowledge? Who do you become? How many books do you want to read?

By the end of 2018, what new skills or abilities will you have?


Most people ignore their overall health until they become sick. Be proactive, and focus on your health now.

What are your health goals–lose weight, improve diet, exercise more, decrease your blood pressure? Whatever it is, be specific about exactly what you want to achieve related to your health by the end of the year?


Have you been waiting to start or finish a big project such as beginning a certification program, defending your dissertation, or publishing your book? You must specifically write down your goal so your brain understands what you are trying to achieve this year.

What achievement do you want to be recognized for, or just be proud of, in 2018?


You create harmony and happiness by spending quality time with your family.

What goals do you have as a family? What activities do you want to do with your family?



Spirituality is not simply about being religious or going to church although that may be your goal this year. It is also about serving others such as volunteering and giving to charity as well as learning from wise people.

How do you want to serve others more this year?


Assets add security to your future. They may create additional income.

What assets do you want to own–real estate, intellectual patent–in 2018?


Create balance and harmony in your overall life by planning for each area of your life. Write down goals for all seven areas and work on them equally throughout the year. No area of your life is more important than another.

Understand the difference between dreams and tasks. Your dreams should be big, but real and achievable. Your tasks are the actions you take to achieve your dreams.

When you dream, your mind creates a plan to reach your dream. If you do not at first achieve your dream on time, you don’t change your dream, you correct the plan. There are no unachievable dreams, only wrong strategic plans or wrong timing.

Planning strategically benefits your overall life. The strategic plan should serve you for years to come, and improve the quality of your life.

For the first 30 days, you should study your dreams and plan; know them by heart. They should always be in the active part of your brain. During your bad times, remember your dreams and keeping working to make them a reality.

Success is not the end, failure is not the death. The most important thing is the actions your take once you identify your dreams. What will you do next?

It doesn’t matter if you achieve or if you fail. Don’t think about the past or let the past stop you. It’s not the end. Sometimes plans don’t work and that’s ok. What’s important is what you do next.

If you don’t have a plan, you have already lost. Your plan is most important to understand where you are going. The amount of attention you place on the plan is proportionate to the amount of your plan you will achieve.

As Brian Tracy said, “Poor people dream. Wealthy people dream, plan, and act.”

Most people don’t know what they want and don’t know where to start. Start with creating your goals and planning.

By the end of 2018, you will climb 1-2 steps up from where you started. When you move up, you will be happy and feel successful.

How do you plan for the year?

Which type of Network Marketer are you?

After attending a network marketing event with WorldVentures Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent, Said met with a small group of network marketing professionals and asked them, “Which type of network marketer are you?”

“In my experience,” Said explained, “there are three types of network marketers.”

  1. Consumer: The consumer uses the product faithfully. The consumer may refer friends or family, but does not have a goal for building the business.
  2. Salesman: The salesman sells the product to everyone. The salesman is excited and tells everyone about the product, at times overselling it. The salesman will attempt to build the business, but will be inconsistent and may experience ups and downs in the team-building process.
  3. Leader: The leader is the most important type of network marketer. The leader knows that to build a strong, stable foundation, leaders are imperative. The leader looks for other people who exhibit leadership qualities, are dedicated to continually improving themselves, and work with the team.

Which type of network marketer are you? Take a look at your success thus far. If you do not have a goal with a solid plan that has consistently grown your business through leaders, you may be time to reevaluate yourself.

Become a leader, then recruit leaders to build your business together.

“The only way you lose in network marketing,” Said said, “is by quitting.”

Said has trained world-class network marketers for over 15 years. The results? 50 international network marketing companies have doubled, and even TRIPLED, their income after his training.

If you truly want your network marketing business to reach a new level of success, register for our training, Master Your Mindset: Think Like a Network Marketing Pro, scheduled for Saturday, February 10, 2018.

In this one-day course facilitated by Said Davlatov, you will learn how to:

  • Avoid the common pitfalls in network marketing
  • Set smart goals and steps to take action to achieve your goals
  • Create duplication in your team
  • Think like a professional networker with a business mindset
  • Foster a strong team spirit to build leaders.

Register with code NETWORKERVIP by 11:59 PM on December 31, 2017 to receive a special bonus gift at the event.


How to Become a Successful Leader

TWU College of Business invited Dr. Said Davlatov to share his wisdom on leadership and entrepreneurship at How to Become a Successful Leader with students at Texas Woman’s University. To be a leader and achieve success, Said inspired students to:

  • Invest in Yourself and Your Knowledge:  The best investment is an investment in yourself! The more you learn and apply in your life, the more you earn and are able to serve others and give back. “Spend money doing good, bringing more good into the world.”
  • Plan Your Future:  Imagine and write down everything you want in your life for the next 100 years. If you don’t plan your future, someone else will.
  • Get a Mentor:  “Only a great person can help another person become great.” Identify a person who is where you want to be and ask them to be your mentor. By using and applying your mentor’s experience, you start further in the process and will ultimately reach your goals faster.
  • Be a Mentor:  “Share everything you know with others.” Whether you believe it or not, someone looks up to you because you are where they want to be. Use your knowledge to help someone else create their own success.

No matter what your current situation is, by taking the first step, you can become a successful leader. And, if you need help along the way, Said and his Worldpreneur team can help you get there.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Have you ever wondered:

  1. How do you get out of the poverty mindset and become wealthy?
  2. How do you overcome the fear of failure and have the confidence to take the first step to build a business?
  3. How easy is it for someone in their 40s or 50s who has struggled or has not been successful to change their mindset?

Recently, Chuck Jaffee interviewed International Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Entrepreneur Said Davlatov for his podcast on Said answers these questions and provides insight into his personal experience of going from homelessness to creating over 50 companies and becoming a multi-millionaire in a country where the average income is less than $500 per month.

Click the image below now to listen to the full interview!

In his groundbreaking book, Me and Money: The Psychology of Wealth, Said explores the relationship between you and money. This is a book that will ignite you to understand the ways you can enhance and grow wealth by changing your mindset.

3 Simple Steps to Manage Yourself and Maximize Your Results

Your success is a result of something.

It can be measured in money, but money should not be the sole reason you pursue success.

Everything has a cost. You determine how you spend your time.

How do you choose how to spend your time? Do you have a daily schedule, and a plan of tasks to check off your list? Here are three steps to maximizing your results.

#1. Don’t manage your time; manage yourself and your actions.

You must prioritize your actions to make the most impact, and return the most results.

#2. Identify the most important activities and make sure these always come first.

Important activities accelerate results. Focus your time and efforts here!

Next are everyday responsibilities. These activities are part of your daily routine. Delegate these tasks to leverage your time.

#3. Eliminate unimportant tasks.

Unimportant tasks are tasks that are unnecessary and return no results. Remove these from your schedule.

By focusing my efforts on tasks that have the greatest return, I was able to achieve 90% my life plan in only 10 years. Now, I have a new life plan with new goals.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in activity. Successful people manage their time well.

You can do it too!

By preparing and creating a plan, you can reach your dreams faster.

Who is your mentor?

Who is your mentor? More importantly, who do you mentor yourself?

The infinite world is about giving back. Mentoring others is how we can truly pour what we have learned back into the world, creating an infinite number of possibilities for impacting and changing lives.

At Worldpreneur, we are focused on helping you mentor others. A good mentor will help you do things you would never do in order to grow. Mentors push you past your limits and help you see the positive outcome that is just on the other side of fear.

For the past several years, I have traveled the world doing business, teaching seminars, and helping people focus on reaching their next level of success. Many times, my teachings are centered on money. But with money, it is always about a relationship, and it is the same way with personal growth.

How are you investing in your relationships?

In every relationship, we are provided the opportunity to mentor. Whether that mentorship is about business, money, or just life, you have a chance to impact someone’s life by sharing your time and investing in those relationships.

If you aren’t mentoring or being mentored, consider how you can give back and how you can connect with those who will help you grow. The infinite world exists to help others see their potential while we grow together in success.

Me and Money Book

One of the things we are most excited about is the release of our latest book in America. Worldpreneur is honored to announce the launch of Me and Money: The Psychology of Wealth, here in the US! Millions of copies of this book have already changed people’s relationship with money all around the world. Pre-ordering has already begun, and the response has been incredible.

Think about your relationship with money. Do you control the way money works in your life or does it control you? This book changes the way we see money and how it works in our lives.

Join the Me and Money giveaway. To celebrate, we are giving away 5 (YES 5!) books per week until the official book launch on October 1st.

The psychology of money is an important thing to think about because every relationship, even the one we have with money, impacts our lives every single day.

What is your relationship with money?

The answer to this one question will determine whether you are rich or poor.

If you do not know the answer, you are more than likely to spend your life struggling. If you can discover the answer, you can improve.

What is your relationship with money? Often people don’t realize that there is an emotional feeling about money.

The way you treat money is the way you treat yourself. Do you invest? Are you afraid of it? Do you care enough about saving it? Many people wonder where and why to invest.

But they can’t know any of that until they understand their relationship with money. When you learn how to manage money, it will come on its own in abundance.


Giving is a reward. An infinite world is about helping others, lifting them up. Many people cannot understand how to do that. Recently, we joined our friends at OnFire Leadership Company to serve at a children’s home in Texas. Serving and giving back is something that changes your mindset, changes your life, not just the life you are serving.

Throughout the day, we served alongside our OnFire interns and employees working the soil, cleaning up the yard, and trimming bushes in order to create and maintain the space where many children live, learn, and grow.

Kids from infants to college age live in this community. If they stay at the children’s home through and graduate high school, they can go to college for free.

They are taught leadership skills, how to collaborate and communicate, but most importantly, they are given love.

Worldpreneur is on a mission to help everyone give. And, we surround ourselves with other givers. OnFire has been serving this orphanage for two decades. “It’s a reward that money cannot buy,” says Tiarra Tompkins, Vice President. “We believe our company is unlike any other in America. We hire givers and we only work with clients who are givers. That means you’ll find every one of our interns and team members serving whether it’s in an orphanage or on the street with the homeless at our events.”