The Worldpreneur is inside all of us. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you make an intentional step to give back. Said founded Worldpreneur with a focus on giving back wisdom and knowledge to entrepreneurs across the globe. After a lifetime of building businesses, Said has dedicated himself to giving back to others.

Through his International Center for Human Development which he founded in 2007, he has helped developed global entrepreneurs.  He has sold millions of books and trained more than half a million students, with offices in 18 cities.

Self Improvement Book

Said’s business endeavors include Orchards, Perfume shops and other successful entities such as real estate holdings and a water supply company. He teaches students, leaders and entrepreneurs that diversifying businesses is a great way to leverage your money and the way that you can impact lives. Said is a global speaker and primary leader/ Igniter at The Conversation, in Dallas Texas. This exclusive event is a coveted business and life mastermind of 100 select world changers, speakers and entrepreneurs dedicated to giving back. Prior attendees have included Samual Bistrian, Roma Boots, a company that has distributed thousands of boots to orphans and refugees in disadvantaged and war torn countries. Other attendees include Josey Parks, Millionaire Millennial featured on the CNBC show Blue Collar Millionaire. This event is recognized as the premier business mastermind event.

How can you become a Worldpreneur? First, know yourself and the gifts you have to share with the world. Second, subscribe today to join us as we embark upon this journey to give back, and share our inner wealth.