Personal Growth Book written by an Industry Expert

Do you want to be wealthy and successful like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet?

You can do it, you can be wealthy and successful. You simply need to develop the habits that wealthy and successful people possess.

Wealthy, successful individuals such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs know that personal growth is critical for continued success.

Bill Gates admits gains his competitive advantage by reading more than 50 books a year for his own personal growth. The knowledge he acquires from reading personal growth books enhances his problem-solving skills and gives him strategic insight to see the familiar in a new light.

A journalist recently asked Warren Buffet for the key to his success to which he pointed towards a stack of books nearby and told the reporter that he devotes 80% of each day to read 500 pages every day, which creates a knowledge compounding effect.

But, these successful leaders are very particular in their book selections.They prefer to read a Personal Growth Book written by an Industry Expert. They do not read this type of book simply for entertainment, but for their own personal growth.

When an Industry Expert writes a book, he shares his own experiences including his successes and challenges, advantages and hardships.An Industry Expert doesn’t only share the secrets behind their success, but also tells you about the mistakes and the failures that challenged that helped them grow into who they are.

While it may not be possible for all entrepreneurs to meet someone like Bill Gates in person, they can read about him and his journey to success in books, which will aid them in their own personal growth and self development, and motivate them to overcome all obstacles and challenges to achieve success.